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Vacation on a Swedish sheepfarm!

Spend your holiday on a sheepfarm and be close to nature. Take a stroll in the nearby forrest and enjoy wildlife or go fishing in the Nedre Dalälvsarea. We offer personal guiding and fishinglicense. 


Find peace and harmony or experience a more active holiday helping out on the farm or visit nearby attractions.

Visit us if you like to experience the countryside in the middle of Sweden.

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Britta och Lasse

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Sheep grazing the fields!

Stjärnbäck - this is an ecological sheepfarm. We love our animals and work hard to give them a good life. The breed of sheep we raise is called Gotlandsfår, it is an old swedish breed that gives good lambskin and nice meat.

Different shades of grey

Here you can buy our beautiful grey lambskin-rugs. pictures of the lambskins in the Webshop.

Fishing Dalälven!

Dalälven offers an amazing fishingexperience. Wildlife and water gives you an extra dimension of the adventure.  Fishing around Stjärnbäck!


Close to nature!

Closer to nature than this is hard to get. You have the forrest around the corner. In the nearby surrondings you find a fantastic variety of birds and animals.  Wildlife&Nature

EU ecological certified farm

Farming the EU-ecologic way contributes to biological diversity and we show respect for the system of nature and the natural intervalls in wich nature works. Careing for the land, and wellfare for our animals is in focus.